an elderly couple smiling at each other while they are eating because they were able to improve their smiles with implant supported dentures.

Ready To Improve Your Smile With Implant Supported Dentures In East Lansing, MI?

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When people have a full arch of damaged or missing teeth, or they are tired of using traditional dentures, they should consider getting treated with implant supported dentures in East Lansing, MI. When people get implant supported dentures, they get a whole new smile that is stable and comfortable.

There are many other ways that implant supported dentures can improve patients’ smiles. Continue reading to find out how else implant supported dentures can restore imperfect looking and functioning smiles.


How Do Implant Supported Dentures In East Lansing, MI Improve Your Smile?

Unlike traditional dentures, implant supported dentures use dental implants to stabilize the patient’s dentures. Specifically, here is how implant supported dentures can improve a patient’s smile using two or more dental implants.

Greater Stability:

Through the power of modern technology, dental implants are able to provide people with a more stable smile when they are used to support patients’ dentures. Because they act as an anchor, implant supported dentures help patients avoid issues like a slipping denture.

This is because the dental implants are securely placed in the patients jawbone where it fuses with it. Dental implants hold the denture in place, keeping them from causing gum sores and falling out while the patient is living their normal life.

Better Health:

All dental implants are able to provide a major health benefit that other teeth replacements cannot, and that is bone support. Without healthy tooth root structures, a person’s jawbone begins to decay. Dental implants not only support the denture, but they also support the health of the patient’s jawbone by preventing decay in the area where the patient’s natural tooth is missing.

Unlike a traditional denture, implant supported dentures actually stimulate the jawbone like a natural tooth root does. This keeps the patients jawbone in good health and functionality.

Lower Cost Than Full Arch Dental Implants:

Because a minimum of two dental implants can be used during an implant supported denture procedure, their cost can be lower than a full mouth dental implant procedure that needs a minimum of four dental implants to support a prosthesis or denture.

Greater Flexibility:

In order to more easily clean the denture, implant supported dentures can be removed. Patients can talk to the skilled doctor about how best to keep their mouth clean with their implant supported dentures.


You Should Come To Our Office For Your Implant Supported Dentures

When you come to our caring and advanced office, you can restore the health, look, and function of your smile with implant supported dentures. With extensive training and a background in implantology, our doctor, Dr. Mauricio Moeller, is able to accurately and strategically place dental implants so they can get the long-lasting new smile they need and deserve.

For those who want to learn more about what implant supported dentures are and how they can improve their smile, they should come to our office for a consultation. Don’t hesitate to get this restorative procedure with us. Get in contact with Dr. Mauricio Moeller and our exceptional team at our Elan Dental Group office to schedule an appointment today! Your new smile could be just a few appointments away.

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