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In choosing Elan Dental Group for your oral surgery needs, you’ve chosen well! From the moment you walk through our doors, you can expect excellence. Our team of dental professionals is led by board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Mauricio Moeller, so not all practices can offer the range of treatments that we can! The term “oral surgery” encompasses all surgical procedures performed on the teeth, gums, jaw or any dental structure, and we can service all of your oral surgery needs with a comprehensive quality of care.

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Build Up Bone Jaw Density with Bone Grafting

A dental bone graft is required when sections of the jaw need to be built up or replaced. The material used for the graft can either be obtained from your own body (autogenous) or obtained from a human tissue bank or animal tissue (allograft), and there is additional synthetic tissue available called alloplast. Bone grafting acts as a support to enable bone tissue to grow or regenerate.
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Our Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

Third molars, commonly known as “wisdom teeth,” are permanent adult teeth located in the lower and upper jaws at the back of the mouth. Wisdom teeth extraction becomes necessary when they emerge from the gums (or “erupt”) at an irregular angle, either toward neighboring molars or toward the back of the mouth at a right angle, lying down and becoming trapped within the jawbone. Wisdom extraction is an outpatient procedure, but it requires the skill of specialized professionals, such as the staff at Elan Dental Group. During the approximate 45-minute wisdom tooth extraction, a local anesthetic will be administered to assure your comfort during and after the procedure. We do use platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy, commonly used for many dental surgical procedures including implants, to accelerate healing and speed the reduction of any pain and swelling you experience. As our mission statement declares, our patients can “Expect Excellence” in all oral surgical procedures. We administer several advanced sedation options, including intravenous (IV) sedation, nitrous oxide (commonly known as “laughing gas”) and oral. Whatever your sedation needs may be, Elan Dental Group’s team promises to make your dental experience uncommonly pleasant.

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